Thursday, December 11, 2008

When everything changes

It's strange how new things can really shake you to the core. This time last month, I was still living in Pflugerville with my two brothers, working at the job that I have been at for about 5 years.

Now I am in San Marcos, living by myself in an apartment, just lost a new job, and I am about to get married in less than a month.

I feel sick.

I hate changes!

I do want to get married. It is just that everything has snowballed. New place, new town, new job (eventually) and soon, a wife.

Lord Willing, things will start to get better.

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Oracle said...

Well that post was a couple of years old. Hope the marriage is going well. And I also hope you found work.

Saw your comment at HOS and thought I would check you out a little further.

I see you are a believer as I am. As I just lost another job. 2 in 1 year (Layoffs suck) would you pray I find another one soon.

Thanks! ;O